Android Setup



The Wine Technology Group is excited to deliver industry leading technology in the form of the VinWizard Android application. Just a few steps will have you monitoring and controlling your wine temperatures direct from your phone.


Step 1: Ensure your winery has allowed remote access to the VinWizard system

Step 2: Create tank "User Groups" on your VinWizard system for easy phone access

Step 3: Download the application and enter simple configuration details


The application can be downloaded directly to your phone from Google play:


or from the following link:



Step 1: The computer network at the winery must allow staff to access the VinWizard system when not at the winery. If you already have remote access then jump straight to Step 2. If remote access is not yet available then here are the instructions your IT staff will need:

  • A fixed public I.P. address must be allocated to your router

  • Ports must be redirected to the VinWizard server (contact us for port numbers)

Step 2: If you have already created your own User Groups for easy access and are happy to use these same groups on your phone then you can jump straight to Step 3.



If you need to create groups then follow these diagrams.





Step 3: Download the application to your phone and complete the following steps to access and use the VinWizard system.









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