Multi-Level-Probe (MLP)


The Multi-Level Temperature Probe can monitor up to 30 temperature points from the cap down. The on-line display gives instant visibility of temperature stratification in the tank to help answer key questions:  


  • What is the the true impact of heating and cooloing on the wine in your tanks?

  • How effective are your pumpovers or punch-downs?

  • Are pumpover or punch-downs performed too often or not often enough?



You can use the MLP solely as a visualisation tool in selected tanks to better understand what is happening  inside. Alternatively, you can have VinWizard automatically act on readings for control of temperature, pumpovers and stirrers.The MLP can be installed as a stand-alone product or as an add-on module to your existing VinWizard system.


Configurable for all tank sizes: The MLP consists of multiple sensors inside a stainless tube made to fit your tank. Each probe can have between 5 to 30 temperature points. Immerse direct in liquid or fit inside a stainless tube.



Up to 30 sensors in a chain


Modbus 485


Immerse direct in liquid or fit inside stainless tube


Can connect to any PLC


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