1. VinWizard Software
2. VinWizard Modules
3. Panels
4. PT100 Probes
5. Valves (optional)


VinWizard - System Components




1. VinWizard Software


Our internet based software uses proven Microsoft technology and common protocols. Being computer based means we can deliver intelligence that goes far beyond simple on/off temperature control. We can also give the winemaker new and dynamic ways of viewing the winery. If your computer network fails, your wine is not at risk as processing intelligence is held on board our control modules.




Dynamically updated 3D views,

     ideal for LCD wall display


You can manage your winery from any internet enabled device wherever you may be (the system has been scaled for use on PDA's etc). With no limit to the number of tanks the system can handle and an unlimited user license there are no growth issues.


Other features of this outstanding application include:

  • Increment to Setpoint" allows you to move towards a setpoint over a specified time period for a gentler temperature change  (and be alerted via SMS alarm if this 'rate of change' is not being achieved).

  • "Event" functionality means when a temperature or time period is reached, 'events' can be used to trigger a subsequent action, e.g. when temperature reaches 30C, send me an SMS text message and then increment to a new setpoint of 28C over a 6 hour period". In this instance, a winemaker can get a ferment going and then slow it down without having to be on site.

  • "Profiles" can be set with as many automated steps as required for a ferment and then allocated to any tank or group of tanks (eliminates mistakes and saves time).

  • "Adjustable Deadband" enables a temperature range that does no heating or cooling - e.g. a tank is set to 25C with a deadband of 8C means the tank will be warmed to 21C and then the ferment will take over up to 29C at which point the cooling comes back on.

  • "Watchlists and Client Groups" allow you to group and view tanks as you wish and allocate those lists to cellar staff or clients (meaning they can only see their tanks).

  • Power Saving features incorporate tank priority settings which are driven by the wine status to facilitate actions such as night cooling. A wider range of new initiatives include peak load management, coolant setpoint control, coolant pump control, must chilling control, cold stabilization mode etc.

  • Multi Lingual - when logging into VinWizard, each person can choose what language they want to use.

  • 3 Dimensional Views of the winery display flashing lights on tanks in alarm mode and allow the user to drill directly down to the tank setting screen. Our 3D screen range also includes tank control status and tank wine status.

  • Whiteboard Replacement - A large wall mounted LCD display essentially eliminates the need for the traditional whiteboard with the ability to enter data onto the circles from your own computer and print. As things are happening out in the tank farm such as temperature changes, these are dynamically updated in front of you. The same applies to data being imported from your winery production system.

  • Unlimited User License

  • Production Database Integration

  • Security - fully password secure with access restriction functionality.

  • Reports - full reporting features (ullage, tank status, tank volume, status, station report).

  • Tank Lists according to group, status, tanks turned on/off and empty tanks (all data can be easily exported to Excel).

  • Graphs - superior graphing functionality.

  • Data Storage - data stored in the VinWizard database allows trend analysis helping you repeat past procedures and repeat successes.

  • Comprehensive Tank and Plant Alarms can be sent as text messages to as many mobile phones or email accounts as you require. Alarms can easily be configured in the form of flashing lights, sirens or dialers to the home phone. The following  table details the range of tank alarms currently on offer:




2. Communication Modules


At the heart of the system are the ethernet enabled 16 input VinWizard modules with each input capable of reading any process:

Developed in conjunction with our manufacturing partner, the modules provide PLC capabilities without the associated cost or complexity. Modules allow manual changeover from heating to cooling or fully automatic heat and cool.

Features include:

Technical details:


3. Pre Configured Panels


We supply fully built pre-wired and QA tested weather resistant stainless steel panels. These panels contain the VinWizard modules detailed above in addition to all components necessary to monitor and control every aspect of your winery. With the pneumatic option this includes integration of manifolds, regulators/filters and pressure switches.

Our modular non centralized design makes expansion very easy and   affordable. Panels are mounted around the winery with each one capable of controlling up to 64 tanks (or inputs). Panels are daisy chaned together via Ethernet cable back to your computer network. When your winery expands, we simply send you another pre configured panel to mount and connect.



4. PT100 Temperature Probes

Probes are inserted into a sleeve mounted through the wall of the wine tank. These are three wire probes that self compensate for changes in the resistance of the cable connecting the probe to the IOWizard module.

Three core means you can automatically calibrate the probes to be accurate to within half a degree. Air temperature affects the resistance of the copper in the cable that connects the probe to the module which in turn affects the reading. This can be as much as three degrees between summer and winter. With three wires this will not occur as the module can compensate for the changing resistance of the cable.

5. Air Operated Pneumatic Valves (optional)

Wine Technology Marlborough can also supply pneumatic valves for coolant control. Pneumatics are recommended to avoid the problems associated with running voltage of any description into the winery environment. These valves have been designed in conjunction with manufacturing engineers and local wineries to produce a foolproof valve suited specifically to the winery environment. For over nine years these valves have been in service and we have not experienced a problem or been required to maintain a valve.

The robust bronze bodied pneumatically operated piston valve operates at a low pressure and requires no voltage at the valve. The solenoids are mounted on a manifold and included in our panel design. You simply run a 4mm airline from our panel to the valve at the tank. The advantages in this type of system are many, the most obvious being installation simplicity and elimination of electrics in a harsh environment.

The cost of a pneumatic system over a solenoid system is not great and over a two year period the savings will be significant through elimination of maintenance costs.


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