June 2018: Wine Business Monthly - VinWizard Wins IQ Innovation Award

Fourth annual Innovation + Quality Award Winners Announced. Submissions from winemakers around the world and with help from the 2018 Innovation + Quality Advisory Board, the winners of the fourth annual awards have been chosen...



March 2018: Wheeler Farms, Napa Valley

Bart Araujo talks about his adoption of new technology at Wheeler Farms. We have the most technologically advanced custom crush facility in Napa Valley. Each of the fermentation tanks are basically a little winery. The software allows winemakers to control each one with their phones, planning and carrying out pump-overs without delay or even the need to be on site.


November 2017: Wines & Vines - Mending Wall, Napa Valley

The winery features a mix of cutting-edge equipment and hands on winemaking styles. Heating and cooling the tanks is controlled by a VinWizard system that Beranek can control and monitor from his desktop, a tablet or smartphone.


October 2017: Wines & Vines - Wheeler Farms, Napa Valley

All of the winemaking operations are run and managed by the VinWizard system. VinWizard also monitors and controls the barrel room temperature and humidity. Winemakers can program and monitor winemaking operations via tablets or do it manually.  


August 2017: VinWizard Enters China - Pigeon Hill Winery

Technology sale to premium Chinese wine region: A Marlborough based wine technology company has made a significant sale into one of the world's newest and largest wine regions ...


June 2017 2017: UC Davis - Dept of Food Science & Technology

We originally planned on simple "on-off" temperature controllers but then VinWizard stepped up with their fantastic system. .


December 2016: Vitis Magazine: Chile - It's Time For Automation

The whole pumping over process was automated at a cost of USD 700,000, which was recovered within three years ...


February 2016: Wines & Vines - Cairdean Vineyards, Napa Valley

The VinWizard system  monitors and controls temperature as well as operates an automated pumpover system on most of the closed-top tanks. Associate winemaker Cody Stacey said the VinWizard system makes running pumpovers during harvest easy, and it lets the winery’s custom-crush clients keep close tabs on their wines ...


January 2014: Wines & Vines - New Mondavi Winery, Napa Valley

It combines a hilltop vineyard, Tim Mondavi's 40 years of experience with state of the art technology. The vessels each have temperature sensors at four levels. They can also remotely control pumpovers and cooling or heating ...


October 2013: St James Winery - Missouri

Installing VinWizard has reduced overall power usage by 30%: Our sustainability initiative has taken us places we never expected ...


November 2012: St Helena Star - Napa Valley

Spring Mountain Invests $1 Million in Winemaking Technology: In its continuous quest for quality, Spring Mountain invested $1 million in cutting edge winemaking technology ...


May 2012: Press Release
Winery Tank Temperature Control System Delivers Major Power Savings: Senior winemaker, Hamish Clark, reports annual power savings of $24,000 ......

April 2012: Australia's Wine Industry Portal

Interface Available with VINx2 Winery Software

The automation doesn’t stop at the weighbridge, however. Interfaces are available for VinWizard


September 2011: Wines & Vines (U.S.A.)

Lean, Green Design: British Columbia's Tantalus Winery leverages efficient design in preparation for growth - "Paterson is keen on the sophisticated VinWizard"


August 2011: North Bay Business Journal (U.S.A.)

High Tech, High Hopes: Section 5, "Thinking outside the tank" talks about VinWizard in this article on new and old techniques used by U.S.A. winemakers to improve  vintages. 


February 2011: Wines & Vines (U.S.A.)

"Do We Still Need Winemakers"


January 2011: Wines & Vines - Arkenstone, Howell Mountain

Arkenstone's subterranean winery adds flexible functionality.VinWizard is responsible for the tank temperature control as well as pumpover and charting technologies..


November 2010: Press Release

VinWizard Winery Control and Power Saving Initiatives Lead to New Partnership


March 2010: Press Release -

Wine Technology America Acquires Custom Stainless


July 2009: Dominion Post

Kiwi System Babysits Argentina Vintages :


May 2009: WineLand Magazine - WynLand Tydskrif: (South Africa)

Cooling With A Click


March 2009: Zinio (New Zealand)

Yealands: Six Steps Towards More Sustainable Wine Making  (Section 4. Energy Saving)


October 2008: Wine Business Monthly (U.S.A)

Top 10 Products for the Large Winery

(see Section 3. Facility Parameter Control Systems)


August 2008: Wine Technology in New Zealand

Saving Energy Through Intelligent Design


May 2008: New Zealand Herald

VinWizard Enters America - Contracts in Place


March 2008: Wine Business Monthly (U.S.A)

Favourite 10 New Products From Unified

(see Section 3. Fermetrol)


May 2007: El Vino y su Industria (Argentina)

Finca Sophenia: Automatización de los Procesos en la Bodega


August 2006: Australian Wine Industry Journal

Putting The Chill On Increasing Winery Energy Costs





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